Caricature cartoonist in Adelaide

CARTOON GUY - Allan Addams

Aberfoyle Park - South Australia

Hi and welcome! Spend a minute or two looking at some party people and their new cartoon caricatures...

Three partygoers show their caricature portraits

Allan Addams drawing at an evening party

A kind review of my work

A guest shows his portrait

Looking for something different for a party in or around Adelaide?

Since 2000 I have been busy drawing cartoon caricatures of party guests. I arrive with my artist's easel and pens and start sketching about 15 faces each hour.

Some people decide to have a solo portrait, some are drawn in pairs.

Together we have a good chat and a laugh and after a few minutes your guests have a brand new caricature portrait to take home - a happy souvenir of the event!

Completed cartoons can be taped or pegged up to create a growing gallery of faces.
This creates a great point of focus where everyone can gather round and enjoy them.
(It also keeps the pictures safe until it's time to leave).

Birthday parties, wedding receptions, retail launches, end of year celebrations - guests at all sorts of events love receiving a personalised caricature portrait.

Please have a look at the FOLLOWING PAGES to see some of my LIVE and EMAILED work and kind REVIEWS.

Here we see a newly engaged couple opening a printed canvas gift portrait.

Engaged couple receive printed canvas cartoon