Caricatures from photos / Cartoons from photos

CARTOON GUY - Allan Addams

Aberfoyle Park - South Australia

Emailed Cartoons

Sometimes people want to give a surprise gift to a friend or family member.

Now by simply sending me a description and a few clear photos, they can!

With electronic banking and the ease of sharing photos via email, the whole process of creating a gift for a loved one, a family group, or a departing employee can be organised from your home or office.

Emailed cartoons can range from a simple black and white head shot of your subject, right up to a full colour caricature complete with their hobbies and interests, favourite foods and drinks, their footy colours and maybe even some classic quotes.

I start by sending through a rough sketch for comment, then develop a detailed final image which is emailed to you for printing at home, work or a printing specialist. Some clients go all out and have their gift art printed onto canvas which is mounted on a wooden frame and really impress with a ready-to-hang portrait!

I can create artwork for business cards, personalised Christmas cards, book illustrations, CD covers, cartoons to jazz up websites and all sorts of fun projects!