Something different – a Caricature Artist!

Looking to add a fun feature to your event?

These party guests are showing examples of my live caricature art

You can add something different and exciting to your event in or around Adelaide – a caricature artist! I have been drawing funny cartoon caricatures of party guests since 2000, arriving with my artist’s easel and pens to start drawing about 15 faces each hour. I quickly sketch a few pencil lines to capture each person’s unique features then lock it all in with permanent marker and two tones of grey.

Some people decide to have a solo portrait, some are drawn in pairs.

We have a good chat and a laugh. After just a few minutes I turn the board around to reveal a brand new caricature portrait to your guests. They have a happy souvenir to take home and will remember your event!

Completed artworks can be taped or pegged up to create a growing gallery of faces. This makes a great point of focus where everyone can gather to chat and compare their cartoons. It also helps to keep the pictures clean and dry until it’s time to leave.

Guests at birthday parties, wedding receptions, retail launches, and end-of-year celebrations just love receiving a personalised caricature portrait.

Just a few square metres of space in a well-lit area allows you to create a whole new experience for everyone to enjoy. Onlookers and those eagerly waiting to be drawn join in on the banter and watch the picture rapidly appear.

When the question is “What is something different for a party?” The answer is to book a caricature artist and give your guests a unique experience. People often tell me that they always wanted to get a caricature drawn but never had the opportunity.

A wedding couple getting into the caricature fun

Find out more about inviting a caricature artist to your event and see some examples:

Please have a look at the following pages to see some of my LIVE and EMAILED work and kind REVIEWS then book a party cartoonist for your next gathering in or around Adelaide, South Australia.


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