Cartoons for the Corporate Sector

Doing business can be a serious business.
That is why Cartoon Guy Allan Addams draws cartoons for the corporate sector – to add a little levity to a busy day.

Cartoon illustrations can liven up your website, your convention documents or even the boardroom wall!

Mitchell's understand the benefit of cartoons for the corporate sector
(Boardroom wall – Mitchell Services commissioned by blackwell’s design co.)
Artwork for the corporate sector - SOUL Conference brochures and pull-up banner
(Banner and program cover art – SOUL National Conference commissioned by jennie bell ink)

Get in touch with Allan to discuss creating cartoon images for promotional or instructional material for your business and bring a spark of life to your documents and workplace.

Perhaps your team would enjoy opening the newsletter to find some recent workplace antics portrayed in a three or four panel comic strip.

If you are wondering “Is there someone who can draw cartoons for the corporate sector?”

The answer is yes!

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