Draw a cartoon from photos

A great gift idea!

You might be looking to buy a surprise gift for a birthday, wedding or retirement. If you simply send me a description and a few happy snaps, I can draw a cartoon from photos for you!

The whole process of creating a special gift for a loved one, a family group, or a departing employee can be organised right from your home or office.

Let me draw a cartoon from photos like this for your next gift

Your cartoon idea might be a simple black and white head and shoulders drawing. You might decide to really impress with a full body colour caricature which also includes their hobbies and interests.

If you are seeking a group caricature I can use several separate photos as a reference and combine them.

I am happy to workshop your ideas and visions and always provide a rough sketch for your approval before I move on to the final artwork. The finished cartoon is then emailed to you for printing at home, at work or through a retail outlet. Some people have their gift art printed onto a stretched canvas. This makes an impressive ready-to-hang portrait!

A client asked me to draw a cartoon from photos as an engagement gift
A couple tear open their engagement gift – a custom caricature printed on stretched canvas!

Caricatures give a unique twist to party invitations and wedding invitations.

Get in touch and let me draw a cartoon from photos for you!

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